Banking On The Culture

Over the past 20 years the number of Black Americans with a bachelor’s degree increased from 18% to 29%, still lagging behind other ethnic groups by about 20%. Over the past ten years, wealth inequality grew. Specifically, in 2011 Black net worth was less than it was in 1984, while for White Americans net work grew 11% in 2011. 


We are more educated than our parents’ generation and we are likely earning more than our parent’s generation, but the wealth gap is not closing.  We are saddled with student loan debt, we are taking care of families members, we live in multigenerational households, and we are underbanked.


The lack of assets and the lack access to information created the generational inability to accumulate wealth in Black families. A general distrust of the finance industry creates another barrier to wealth accumulation. When there are no assets to pass down there is no need for the information to be shared. Banking On The Culture aims to change this fact. 


Banking on the Culture’s mission is to bridge the gap between black learners and black earners though culturally relevant and innovative banking and financial literacy programming; hands-on wealth building and financial management; and access to Black and Minority owned depository institutions.  

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